24 hour romp.

Well, 24 hours and two pieces. It was a rough day. I figured I'd post on here earlier, but alex came into the illustration office and distracted me. Two of my favorite things of done this year. I expected to hate the poster but I had a ton of fun coloring it.


Dave Armstrong said...

I'm really enjoying the style. It reminds me slightly of Sylvain Chomet stuff. The brushstrokes on the elephant make for a really nice wrinkle look and I always enjoy line work showing through.

If I were a good artist or a good friend I would have pointed out flaws or ways to improve the piece. Unfortunately, I am neither of those things so I'm just going to declare it fantastic.

oh yeah and the black and white is fine too?

PhiL the Zombie said...

I dont remember if I told you how much I enjoyed the black and white piece or not. Great Textures

Did you do some more to the poster? It looks like you bumped up the highlights on the elephant. Maybe I just didnt notice on the print out.

Mike Puncekar said...

Thanks guys.

Dave, I sure as hell don't mind not having hard crits. I'll have to look up that artist.

The poster printed darker than here, but was pretty unchanged. But with the printing the darks in the elephant got more dominant and the highlights sunk into the paper a bit. Of all the things I didn't expect on the poster was the "painted text" going chroma at a distance.

Alex Lyon said...



Coey said...

I loveee all your BnW stuff. Do you ever sell your work?

Mike Puncekar said...

Alex.... you back on the dope? X? Horse Tranquilizers?But seriously... THANKS!!!

Actually I don't sell a thing. I was going to set up a website over winter break with a store page for prints. But the chances of that happening are slim to none haha. I've had about 5 theoretical websites thus far. Actually built 3, but never uploaded them to a host.

shysuiko said...

i loooove your lines. and the subtle tones on the elephant are spectacular

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