Just wanted to get the final up here in case you guys had any crits that weren't brought up in class. I plan on actually entering it into the poster contest to see if they will use it. My biggest issue now is fixing the type/outline tangent. Other than that, fire away. And then here's a Figure Drawing in conte, which I didn't really know how to use so I went at it like a digital painting. Cheers!


Eric Alessandrini said...

One thing I meant to say in class but forgot was about the title. I don't mind the font at all, but the leading is way to condensed. Maybe just bump it up a bit so there is a little bit of room to breath between the letters.

PhiL the Zombie said...

I thought your poster came out very well. I'd enter it for sure.

The figure looks pretty good. Nice colors and all, If i had to crit it would be on the anatomy and the environment, but mostly the environment, the cloth especially

Mike Puncekar said...

I still like the poster a lot. If you enter it in the competition, clean up your brushstrokes, and forms and I think you'll have a strong chance. It needs to carry the clean look of the thumbnail. Still loving the text and stuff. I wouldn't touch it personally. It all reads rather well, especially once it goes poster size.

Alex Lyon said...

I think I will leave the poster be. There are some good suggestions, but its done. You already entered it right? I think your good. The figure i think is really good. That is a strong piece. On the flip side, The background takes alot from the figure. I think if you had put more time into the drapery you would have a nice finished figure drawing. I would also like to see more crisp edges. A more deliberate shaping. Good Shtuff.

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