Here is my final for the poster design problem in illustration styles and concepts. Overall I'm pretty happy with it, but criticize away! Also, here is the "finished" figure painting I posted a few days ago. It's what I could get done in class, but I still have to finish the body. I know I have to change the clavicle.


Bernadette said...

your figure painting is turning put really really nice. the only thing i would change besides her clavicles is the orangish spot behind her head. i think you should keep it cool like the rest of the background. i like how your poster turned out as well.

Mike Puncekar said...

I sort of agree with bernadette, but I definitely don't think it's hurting you all that much, if any. Still one of my favorite things from you. Favorite part are all the blues scattered throughout it.

I like the bull poster, but i still wonder what may have come of it if you had given it more time. I think it may just be a bit bland in the background, especially if you went with more of a sterling hundley type approach. It needs some fluff, but for the amount of time that went into it, and how rapid it was, I'd say it turned out better than well.

Eric Alessandrini said...

Thanks guys. I do agree about the orange behind her head too. I think that it made it look too much like a photo at one of those senior picture studios. When I go in and fix the body, I'll definitely address that.

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