yeah, so here's this
tear it up


Kevin Havens said...
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Kevin Havens said...

The light source makes a lot more sense now that you have the glow in there. But man you have got to lighten up the outline on her breasts. If the light is coming from her hands you wouldn't see any line like that at all. It'd be a smooth transition. I also think her nipples (is there a better word for them?) need to be a bit larger and positioned/re-shaped. They look like they are laying on different planes from the actual breasts. They're getting a bit too dark compared to the surrounding tone and are becoming a distraction. Thats all quick fix stuff though. The thumb looks great so its all a matter of tying up the loose ends.

Also I'd take the rays of light and put a little blur on them so they're not so graphic. It doesn't really match anything else in the painting, and screams "illustrator too much I think. I'd also like to see the hair cleaned up a bit. Maybe even a different tone (more violet red?)

I think you could lose the Halo and still have it read as an angel. It doesn't help the image and just feels a little tacked on. And creates a tangent with the light rays. I still say the wings would function much better if they were a cream tone, as opposed to a stark white. Although I do like how airy/whispy they look, so keep that. They are just the first things I see and just distract away from the rest of the composition.

Other than that, space looks good as does the planet. If you could take the planet into the PS liquify filter and fix that dimple then I'd call the planet done.

Bernadette said...

if she is sticking her butt out like that you wouldn't be able to see her butt cheeks in between her legs. but this one looks way better than the other.

PhiL the Zombie said...

thanks guys

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