xmas gift...possible SOI

EDIT: piture
Well, ive been working on this for a couple of days now. I figured It was to a point where I could throw it up here to get some opinions and such.

I think the theme has affected me a little too much. All I want to do is snow scenes =p
Plus I had this idea for a scene with a woman and a clocktower for quite awhile now so I decided to get it out.

Not much of a story, I just wanted to do something with a sense of ELEGANCE.
II feel like I could put a lamp post in somewhere

Merry Christmas everyone


Bernadette said...

phil this is lovely. I like the pose alot and the background is really nice. you seem to have a good handle on backgrounds. it does say elegance to me. the only thing i would suggest is to cool the face down a bit maybe in her neck shadow. Maybe some more figures would add to it but i'm not sure just an idea. I think it's a really nice job.

PhiL the Zombie said...

Thanks a lot Bernadette. I really appreciated that. I guess I was trying to make her a little red faced from the cold, but your prolly right that I could cool done the tones in the neck.

For whatever reason i never thought about other figures, maybe ill work on that later

Mike Puncekar said...

Really one of my favorites that you have done. Keep it going. You ever finish it?

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