Tank Girl & Friends

A personal piece I've been wanting to do for awhile of Tank Girl. Who's creator is one of my all time favorite artists Jamie Hewlett. I'm still not done coloring it but I thought I'd post it anyways and get some feedback.


Jake Murray said...

It sucks. Plain and simple. (You know me well enough to decipher the true meaning in those hateful words. :P) Anyway, it's looking pretty sweet so far, sir. I would say you should get some warmer reds or oranges down into that tank though. The colors are feeling a bit isolated as they are now. And especially for something like this, a background is a must. Maybe like a desert or something? I don't know the story so I'm sure something else would be more appropriate. Anyway, looking fine sir. Looking fine.

PhiL the Zombie said...

Nice tribute, the line work is excellent, color works for a miday scene so far, a sunset of this might be cool too, did you mean to make that front plow on the tank look like panties, thats what i thought of when i saw it, it reminds me of something jamie might do so i think it works

Bernadette said...

I definitely like the drawing of it. I think your choice of colors is good. I would suggest you modulate the green more, maybe have some darker dirtier greens.

Mike Puncekar said...

Awesome. Definitely captured his vibe. So when do you get to take over the tank girl comic?

Your stuff really makes me wonder how you manage to put all of these things together is some sort of justified bastardization. So many props.

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