A sketch for a personal piece I'm working on...though I'm probably going to use it for watercolor. I'm not sure what will be coming out of the dress, I've been throwing back the idea of a human figure reaching towards her instead. The scanner was too small so i shortened the dress but i'd actually make it spread out further in the final. Any suggestions would be cool.


Mike Puncekar said...

Pretty dang cool man. Makes me flashback a bit to when I used to watch Lupin the 3rd. Watch the back of the chair though, not really sure what is going on there. Excited to see what you do with the water and what ind of creature it will be.

Oh and be careful to make sure the thing emerging out of her dress doesn't look like a weird costume element, ya know? Those little white highlights between the water and the creature will really help.

Kevin Havens said...

Agreed with mike here, thats got a lot of style to it. Pretty awesome. I'm excited to see how you pull off the 'dress-to-water' look. I think watercolor is a good choice. I would like to see a background though, the chair works now but I'd like to see an environment that has the same look and feel as the chair and the same consistent linework.

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