Another One

Whew. I only had a few days to work on this one, and didn't get truly started until the night before it was due. A bit of a rush, so no shading, highlights, or gradients. Does it need it though? She is a playing card, after all. Let me know what you guys think.


Alex Lyon said...

This one turned out really good Jeff. This type I am diggin and the Character is a good one. I question the choice to use the wood grain on the guitar...but I don't hate it. It just kinda catches my eye a bit more then I would like. Either way Nice post.

And I need to see about getting one of these "limited edition prints" Now that I know this I want one. I haven't even seen it!

PhiL said...

I gotta agree with Alex on the wood grain, I think by leaving the character with flat colors like that the wood grain seems distracting, and I imagine from far away it would look like sketch pencil marks that you forgot to clean up as opposed to all the crisp line art on the rest of the piece

Jeff Lance said...

Thanks guys. I took the wood grain out when I posted it on my blog.

Mike Puncekar said...

Really liking this one. Great flow in the design with that costume.

Some of the misaligned hearts are driving me crazy. Congrats on being threatened and having to take down your Where the Wild Things Are poster. Big Brother won this round, but that is kinda neat.

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