Caution!! Skin-tight latex suits do not function in Outer Space!!

So I finally got off my ass (and sat right back down) to draw something, even if that something had no meaning whatsoever. So this piece is for shits and giggles and as you can see it's still in sketch mode.

The idea is a Spacey Femme Fatal with some nice graphic designs in the back, maybe something you'd see on a graphic T or cd cover for a horribad band. Your choice. Anywho, give me some tips, ideas, and crit the shit out of this thing cuz I'd like to start building a portfolio BEFORE senior year begins. Thanks!


Mike Puncekar said...

Really nice Anatomy and styling man. Love the proportions.

Gotta do something design wise about all of that stuff she is farting though. Great face and motion. I think if I nitpick anything on this it will be with color, because the drawing here is solid thus far. Her hair is big. As in it gets so tall she my be losing some motion, but I don't mind it. But if she has so many flows and curves, wouldn't mind seeing more dimension and ebb and flow in the hair. I'm reaching a bit for that though.

Don Effect said...

nice very nice i love the body and face i think that the hair needs more but sweet tho FAT ASS !

Bernadette said...

Nice drawing I especially like her face. I think you should give more room on top and move the blast graphic more in front of her gun thing.

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