First post!

Thanks for the invite, Mike.

Hope summers going well for everyone. I'm down in Florida right now.

Here's something I did for environment of the week over at CA. The topic was "a bridge between two different cities".

I wasn't necessarily going for that classic concept art-ish style-- I was trying to use Painter for something more "decorative" in appearance. I also minimized my use of photo textures by either painting stuff in or using Painters variation in its tools. For example, the roof tiles were made through using a blocky brush under "artists oils" with a teeny bit of impasto depth. (There are like 2 or 3 places where I was short on time and used windows from two royalty-free photos.)

There are definitely some wonky areas in it, as I was pretty rushed when I did it. I might go back and fix stuff though, if it won't take much work.

Additional (but unnecessary) info:
My idea is sort of an industrial alternate reality in which workers in an enormous power plant must "bicycle" their way across a long "track" from a mountain of shabby modern suburban-style dwellings to the monolithic entity. The irony being that even though there's an enormous industrial power plant city across the chasm, they're still having to power themselves! (These are like bicycles, only they, via a chain, transfer the rotating force to a wheel that digs into little notches on the tether and propel the bicyclist forward. Once they get to the other side, they simply detach their "bicycle", fold it up, and store it in a locker area until it's time to return home. One would think that the plant would be so easily able to supply power for a faster (and safer) form of public transportation! By the way, they don't just walk across because the area is so high that the work of returning to the ground and then making oneself up to their work area would be a lot more effort and take more time.

Sorry guys, I know I write too much... :-\


PhiL said...

I like the concept and the ironic twist, sort of a something old and some thing new feel. its nice as far as concept art goes, i wouldnt have the patients for all that noodling

Bernadette said...

Sweet paint technique. I love the idea of bikes that go on cables! As soon as read that I imagined people riding around hanging from power lines. i think I will fashion one for myself

Mike Puncekar said...

No problem, but no need for thanks. i told you i was gonna do it months ago haha.

But this definitely shows me why I invited you in the first place. Good stuff.

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