Outdoor Vaccum Cleaner

This was my Industrial Design of the Week entry. The topic was "vacuum cleaner." I was trying to think out of the box a bit.

I call it "RuggedVac".

It's an outdoor vacuum cleaner for people who own large yards (the kinds of people who would be able and willing to spend the money for it in the first place). It uses powerful suction to pick up all loose organic debris in lawns. It could have different modes, like "fall leaf" mode, or "stray mulch" mode.

All the debris it picks up passes through an elementary grinder that's there just to get the bits to fit in the bag better, as well as to keep anything from getting stuck.

Hope the labeling on the work explains the rest.

Drawn in loose free-hand perspective, rendered with micron pen, finished in PS.

If you have a CA account, why not vote? Here's the link to it: http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=161621

Only 3 other people entered this time :-\ I guess people would rather draw robots than appliances.


Anonymous said...

lol i want one :D

Bernadette said...

Funny idea. I bet people would buy that. My mom would use it to suck moles out of the ground

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