WoW Players in Restaurant

Hey, I was hoping I could get some opinions on here about this piece while it's still a WIP. (I still see a bunch of stuff to do with it but perhaps I should just let it go soon.) For example, is it necessary to add anything to the background?

Anyway, it was a challenge incorporating those complex shapes of the armor and getting it to read.

[It's based on World of Warcraft, but it's not exactly "fan art". It's actually a conceptual portrayal of WoW players (in this case, a warrior and a mage) who talk (usually brag) nonstop about their characters-- in first person, in public places. I thought it would be fun to show them AS their characters. The gear is accurate-- mostly tier 7.5 raid stuff.]

By the way, I don't play WoW anymore, but I used to. My brother still plays, so I kind of keep up with it and dip into it now and then. But he has a couple pretty hardcore friends I modeled this after.


Anonymous said...

lol i love the old man behind them, his expression is great. As for the characters it's definitely readable, i recognize the Orc's shoulders as well as the mage's (i also played/play WoW)

i'm trying to figure out why the table is crooked, i'm guessing the troll is putting his weight no it, but Orcs come off as heavier to me. Also the Troll's posture is too straight/stiff, those guys are the tallest playable race but they slouch so much you can't tell, i'd bend him some more :)

as for the background i like how it's going, keep it up!

Mike Puncekar said...

Those were pretty much my thoguhts too. I love how you put down the colors so far. Sort of impressionistic. Folds on that dudes shirt deserve some praise too, just well done.

I played troll when I played way back when, so I agree that it's not really a troll until they are bent 90 degrees and speaking voodoo.

The tilting table is a great touch though, clever thinking. Keep on chugging.

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