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Trying out a new kind of coloring style. Just got so bored doing things the way I was, so hopefully this gets me really going on something. Plan is to start a digital comic in this style that I'll post page by page on my blog, or in sets of pages. Haven't decided yet. But it will be full color like this. This just went so fast.

Kind of cheated on this, but THEME DRAWING.

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Zirngibism said...

I really like the colors and style you've got going here (combination of drawing and painting is great), and I love the pose of the robot. I look forward to seeing some sequential art here.

However, the way the edges are in this don't really imply a whole lot of action to me (though the rendering inside the forms does communicate that a bit.)

But still, I think you can use the edges and value a bit more to really push the idea that he's falling down at you, like maybe by darkening the foot and making its edges sharper than they currently are, and feathering out the head a bit. Or even a bit of motion blur?

I'm not too experienced with really communicating motion through gesture yet, (you're probably a lot better at it than I am). I'm just telling you my impression of it so far.

I await more!

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